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I love you-terus!

Feeling romantic this Valentine's Day? Here are some gynecology love poems to get you into the spirit.

Roses smell nice Violets too, I assume Ectopic pregnancies Can't be reimplanted in the womb. Roses are red Abortion's a right It's 2020 Why's this still a fight? Roses are red Violets are blue Sex should feel good For both you and your boo. Roses are neat Violets are cool Use STD protection - Don't be a fool! Roses are red If you don't want a baby Always use contraception Don't leave it a maybe. Roses are red - The color of your flow Talk to your doctor If your periods blow. Roses have cells That split by mitosis You don't have to suffer With endometriosis. Roses are happy Violets are blissed Not all pelvic pain Is due to a cyst. Roses are red And loved by each bee Get vaccinated Against HPV. Roses are red Trees might have sap A pelvic exam Isn't the same as a pap. Roses are red The garden hose has a nozzle You shouldn't have bleeding If you're postmenopausal. Roses are red Their thorns can leave slashes There are ways to manage Your sweaty hot flashes. Roses are lovely Violets bring glee Work on your Kegels If your coughs make you pee

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