Your postpartum body is a wonderland—as in Alice in Wonderland, where things can grow and shrink and become curiouser and curiouser.

We all know what goes into preparing for a baby, but how does a pregnant person prepare for what happens to their body and mind postpartum? Life after delivery is veiled in secrecy by cute little bows and animal-themed burp cloths, leaving people dangerously in the dark about which postpartum issues are normal or concerning. In Unexpected: A Postpartum Survival Guide, I set the record straight about what happens to postpartum bodies, no matter their gender identity, delivery outcome for themselves or the baby, or parenting status.  

From vaginal stitches to your first postpartum poop, I walk you through warning signs from your body, questions to ask a healthcare professional, and supplies to build your own home postpartum survival kit. With advice on topics including breastfeeding and formula-feeding, exercise, and sexual activity, as well as resources to support your mental health and other needs, Unexpected illuminates even the darkest secrets of what happens to people postpartum.

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I had a really great virtual book launch party May 7, and I'm hoping someday I can still host an in-person celebration.

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