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"I see women of all ages with a variety of life responsibilities every day in the office, and I’ve noted a common theme — we’re all stretched thin and stressed out."


“Since the vaccination is all about prevention—it can’t clear an infection that is already present—it is best for people to receive it before the onset of sexual activity. Certainly that should not prevent anyone who is already sexually active from discussing the potential for vaccination with their healthcare providers!”


"We have to understand that with a human error involved those might not be the most reliable and effective methods for people...And we are going to end up with potentially more unintended pregnancies.”


“People don't generally talk about their postpartum experiences publicly … and there's sort of this societal assumption that people are just supposed to be happy to have a baby.”


"We need to acknowledge that you can love something or someone with your whole heart but still need and deserve time away from it or them. We need to normalize being a full human."

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